June 24-27

Madrid | Lisbon

A 72h event to solve mobility challenges








Participate in a cross-border event between Madrid and Lisbon that allows professionals and students from different backgrounds of expertise to compete against each other to provide innovative solutions to the mobility challenges these cities face.

In person event

Held simultaneously in two different cities, Madrid and Lisbon

June 24th – June 27th

About CrossInnoHack



Madrid and Lisbon



Entreprenours and students



From relevant mobility organizations



To transform an idea to an MVP



Per city



Per city

A CROSS-border event between the cities of Madrid and Lisbon, where mobility experts and young professionals get together for a full weekend to foster INNOvation by sharing ideas, mentoring, and HACKing into the solutions to each city’s urban mobility challenges.

Over 200 participants from all backgrounds tackle common mobility challenges to build new ventures supported by the local administrations. Working in teams of five simultaneously in each city, to HACK the city challenges presented, by creating MVPs (Most Viable Product) to pitch on Sunday June 26th to the cities and sponsors, with the aim that they agree to launch pilots in the city. Opening big opportunities to partnering with corporations, sponsors of the Hackathon, which include: Zity, Free-NOW, Bird and more! 

In addition, participants are offered during the weekend:

  • mentoring
  • presentations from speakers in the mobility field
  • product giveaways from sponsors
  • Networking with corporates and mobility experts

At the end of the hackathon, the jury integrated by members of EIT Urban Mobility, public institutions, and experts will award the best-given solutions on the award ceremony held on June 27th and win the prizes specified by each city!


In adition, participants and finalists receive up to €2.000 in product perks from our sponsors!

The Challenges


Challenge 1

Cities increasingly want to return space to citizens and more sustainable modes of mobility such as active mobility in VMP (non-motorized or assisted personal mobility vehicles)

  • How to promote the use of active mobility (mainly bicycle) to get around around the city, in combination or not with public transport?
  • How to make these personal mobility vehicles more accessible and adapted to citizens?
  • How to make bicycle transit safer in the city?
  • How to make the parking lot of these more secure to avoid robberies or provide other services?
  • How to promote local commerce as a way of promoting the use of active mobility to the detriment of the use of private cars?


Challenge 2

The development of the ZBE (Low Emissions Zones), with the aim of reducing pollution, only zero-emission cars will be able to enter cities in the future, in addition to limiting the entry of private vehicles to reduce pollution congestion.

  • How to reduce and incentivize the use of the private car to enter and/or move around the city?
  • How to reduce the number of cars entering cities?
  • How to promote the use of electric mobility?
  • How to encourage the use of public transport and MaaS (mobility as a service) services to the detriment of the use of private cars?

Are YOU ready? 

CrossInnoHack is looking for participants from various expertise backgrounds from urban planning, sociology, engineering, data science, to business creation and more! If you’re a professional or student searching for innovative and creative solutions that can be applied as new software, a prototype, a tool, a physical solution, or a concept to hack the urban mobility challenges existing in the cities of Madrid and Lisbon, we are looking for YOU!

The winners are offered the opportunity to work with industry professionals to implement their solutions and present them to members of the EIT Urban Mobility and cities to select the winning team and correspondingly receive all the winner prizes from our sponsors! 

Who we are

The EIT Urban Mobility is a European initiative that brings together cities, universities, research centers, and industry, to work jointly on mobility innovations and make cities more livable.

In partnership with Connected Mobility Hub, as the leading mobility innovation ecosystem in Southern Europe, alongside Byld, a corporate venture builder mainly focused on building new businesses from scratch by partnering with the world’s leading corporations and BGI from the Portugal side, gathering a great experience leading and organizing several educational activities, namely hackathons, summer schools and training & selection workshops for entrepreneurs, are working together to bring this event to life and not just to execute a weekend Hackathon in each city, but to take advantage of the solutions developed during the event, find the best talent from the participants with the aim that cities and sponsors agree to launch pilots of the solutions in each city.